Privacy and Terms of Use

Terms of Use – eSchoolCare


When school nurses visit the eSchoolCare application, certain tracking
information will be automatically collected such as date of initial
login, frequency of use, and type of information selected. This
information will be used for product development purposes to improve
usability and relevance, but will not be disclosed to third parties.

Absolutely no identifying information on students is requested by the
eSchoolCare application. No capacity for storing identifying information
on students is provided to the user of the eSchoolCare application.


Use of the eSchoolCare application is limited to the school nurse
subscriber. Sharing the application or the user’s login with
non-subscribers is strictly prohibited. Access to the wireless network
within the school environment is the responsibility of the school
district; access to wireless networks beyond the school environment is
the responsibility of the user.

Intellectual Property Rights in Content

The content of the eSchoolCare application is protected by intellectual
property laws. Some of the content is owned by the Board of Regents of
the University of Wisconsin System, some is owned by others and used
with their permission, and some is used in accordance with applicable
law. It is the user’s responsibility to determine what permissions are
needed in order to use the content, and to obtain such permissions if


As additional content modules and updates or revisions to the
eSchoolCare application become available, the user will be notified.
Updates will be done automatically, and become available upon the user’s
next login.


Support for using the eSchoolCare application is available to the user
by emailing

Editorial Policy/Disclaimer

The content on the eSchoolCare application undergoes a rigorous
editorial process involving national experts in their field including
physicians and school nurses to ensure accuracy and relevancy in the
school environment. However, this application is not intended to provide
medical care. eSchoolCare cannot answer personal medical questions, make
referrals to specific doctors or institutions, or give medical advice.
Concerns about specific medical conditions should always be directed to
a health care professional. All information on this site is for
educational purposes only.