FAQs and Support

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Who do I talk to if I have questions about how to place an order?

Contact us at eschoolcare@son.wisc.edu for assistance.

Can I cancel an order once it's placed?

Yes. If you would like to cancel an order, please send an email to eschoolcare@son.wisc.edu.

Can I buy an eSchoolCare subscription as an individual or do I need to buy as part of a school/district/state?

You may purchase as an individual, to purchase, go to: https://outreach.son.wisc.edu/eschool.html#/ or contact us at eschoolcare@son.wisc.edu for assistance.

What can I expect to receive after I purchase a subscription to eSchoolCare?

You will receive an email with a personalized link, which will be used to set up your user name and password. The email will come from our technical team at eSchoolCare.

What will I receive with my annual subscription to eSchoolCare?

You will receive unlimited access to eSchoolCare. It is an online resource developed for school nurses in partnership with experts at American Family Children’s Hospital (AFCH). eSchoolCare’s content is reviewed regularly by an expert Quality Assessment Panel to ensure that it remains accurate and current.

eSchoolCare supports school nurses caring for children with chronic conditions in today’s school environment. It does this by providing a separate learning module for each of these chronic conditions (1) Asthma (2) Diabetes (3) Severe Allergies (4) Cancer (5) Mental Health Disorders (6) Epilepsy (7) Gastrointestinal Disorders and (8) Substance Abuse Disorder

Within each module there is (1) an overview of the condition, (2) a section on medications and interventions, (3) school‐based best practices, and (4) Resources and background articles.

Subscribers to eSchoolCare receive access to all updates and upgrades made to the service during the subscription period.

How is eSchoolCare different from any other website?

eSchoolCare is organized in modules that are designed and tailored for the kind of information, teaching materials, and best practices needed by a nurse working in the school environment. Pre‐selected information, forms, videos, and supplementary links eliminate “searching time” for the school nurse to find appropriate material. To ensure that information is accurate and up‐to‐date, the content for each module is written by American Family Children’s Hospital experts, and then submitted to a quality panel for an independent review.

Does it matter whether the “healthcare” person is a nurse or someone else in order to participate?

The eSchoolCare modules were designed for school nurses, but they can be used as a training resource for non‐medical staff, students, and parents.

Our school district is large and employs several nurses. Are they all required to have their own subscription to eSchoolCare?

In order to ensure that individual nurse usage data is tracked effectively and can be used to regularly improve the product, we require that each nurse has their own subscription to eSchoolCare. For larger districts, we offer multi‐person pricing.

How was eSchoolCare created?

eSchoolCare is the result of a 3‐year federal grant awarded to the University of Wisconsin ‐ Madison School of Nursing for the development of a web‐based application to support school nurses. The award was made by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services/Health Resources and Services Administration/Nurse Education, Practice, Quality and Retention ‐ Grant Number: D11HP22189.

My school has some, but limited access to Wi‐Fi. How necessary is it to access eSchoolCare?

Wi‐Fi is necessary if nurses will be using eSchoolCare with a portable device such as a phone or tablet device. eSchoolCare is also accessible on a wired personal computer so in this case Wi‐Fi is not required.

Will any information on students be collected in eSchoolCare?

There is no capability to save information within the eSchoolCare program.