School Nurses have found eSchoolCare saves them time. School nurses also use eSchoolCare to teach school staff, parents, and students about effective management of chronic conditions in schools. In 100 grant nurses, between Year 1 and Year 2 we saw significant improvements in self-ratings of:

  • Knowledge about and confidence in caring for children with chronic conditions
  • Consistency in applying School Nursing Scope and Standards
  • Knowledge and skill in planning, implementing, and evaluating care


“Right after the eSchoolCare app was released I had an asthma education night here at school and had about 60 people that attended. I was able to use the eSchool app to demonstrate videos on how to do a nebulizer, how to use an inhaler.”

Kammy Quinnell, Necedah Public Schools

An eSchoolCare Annual Subscription Provides

  • Expert‐developed and continuously‐updated learning tools to help care for children with chronic conditions.
  • A core set of standard forms, which are immediately usable for school‐based care.
  • Tools to enable delegation of school‐based health activities to non‐medical staff.
  • An online service compatible with all tablet and mobile devices, desktop computers and laptops.

eSchoolCare creates a community of care to support students with chronic conditions by facilitating communication between parents, students,school staff, and the healthcare system. This connection and common understanding of best practices can help limit persistent absenteeism and decrease the impact of chronic conditions on the healthcare system.